Can’t bring me down, because I’m happpppppppppppy. 😄
My #wcw is most definitely the beautiful, strong, courageous Ash Costello. She is one of my biggest inspirations, and every day I live by her words. So many people look at her and see some scary goth girl in a rock band, but she is SO much more. Not only is she talented and possess one of the most beautiful and unique voices I’ve ever heard, she’s also the sweetest and most talkative person I’ve ever had the honor of meeting.  The first thing she ever said to me, was “Oh my god, I love your hair!” during Warped Tour, when I had been talking to her merch guy, Danny and she showed up. I had my hair done half red, half black like her, and to hear her complement it made me melt.  I had no clue that somehow, that would start a thirty minute conversation about hair products, makeup, her family history and her real last name, and Black Craft Cult clothing co.  And even better? She didn’t forget me. She doesn’t forget her fans. I love Ash so, so, so much. @ashcostello @nydrock
my heads under water, but i’m breathing fine. you’re crazy and i’m out of my mind.
love these jerks.
we got photo bombed
she thinks my tractors sexyyyy.
get get get on the beat now.
they say you’re the man
the newest iphone everyone

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